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If you’re ready to lease a car in Massachusetts and happen to already own your own car, you may be able to trade in your vehicle for a significant financial bump toward your new car lease. At Cambridge Car Lease, we make the process of getting an accurate trade in appraisal fast and painless.

What We’re Looking for in Your Auto Appraisal

When deciding on the value of your trade in, there are a number of factors we consider. These include things like make and model, age and mileage of your car, it’s accident and purchase history and special features and additions that are present on the vehicle such as lift kits, tinted windows and upgrades to engines and tires. Our evaluators will weigh all of these individual factors to come to a top market value for your car and provide an estimate at the very top end of the vehicle’s potential value in the Massachusetts or nearby markets.

We Only Win When You Win on Your Trade In

Many appraisers in the Mass. area want to give you a low ball estimate so that you feel obligated to move on to the next thing. We think that is not just bad business, but downright criminal! At Cambridge Car Lease, our inspectors sign an agreement to uphold honest, fair appraisal tactics which result in you getting the highest, most fair estimates for your assets every time. We make sure every benefit is accounted for so you get every penny you deserve. That’s our guarantee.

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